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May 26 Lunch / Snacks: Dips, Smoothies, Cheese, Crackers

This smoothie was really good! One of the girls, A, made it with watermelon - surprising and delicious.

Then there was all the snacky food.  One of the other girls, E, was in charge of doing all the shopping for which we would all reimburse her at the weekend’s end. This turned out to be an excellent decision. Typically, everyone brings what they would like to eat but they buy for everyone, meaning we have an overabundance of things that we needn’t, like eggs.

One of her purchases was “fancy cheese.” And indeed, it was.

May 25 Snack: Snacks + Games

What a lazy day Saturday was. It involved sitting around outside in the sun (it was just a little too cold for getting into the water), snacking, and playing games. You know you’re getting older when you look forward to puzzling. Whatever, don’t judge.

But it was a gorgeous day! We couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather!

April 22 Office Snack: Paleo Banana Bread Chocolate Truffles

I saw this a while back on Civilized Caveman Cooking and knew I needed to make it for the next office food event we had. We have a lot of these types of food events, by the way. Remind me to tell you about my company’s version of the Freshman 15*.

This recipe is really good, but it takes a while to make everything if you plan to do it all from scratch, which I did. Scratch meaning: I made the almond butter so that I could then make the banana bread; then I made the cashew butter so I could then make the Paleo “cream cheese.” Making nut butters isn’t hard, just time consuming. Add in the amount of refrigeration wait time and this recipe can take a bit of time to do.

One note on the chocolate coating is that I had to use my entire bag of chocolate chips and I still ran out of chocolate. Not sure how I could have been more sparing with it since it globs onto the balls…no big deal, however, I had plenty of truffles for the event!

Everyone seemed to really love them! Hooray! I love taking in Paleo stuff like this and seeing what people think. Everyone always seems so amazed…of course, I do have to remind them that Paleo definitely does not always equal low cal! ;)


*The “freshman 15” is something that apparently happens quite a bit at my company. And it’s no joke. I’ve easily put on ten pounds since starting there, I think, if not 15. It’s partially due to the fact that I haven’t been able to work out for the last month, but more likely a combination of food in the office and residual breakup coping.

At any rate, this bitch needs to shed some pounds.

Should I try for another Whole30?

May 19 Snack: Improved Primal Pacs!

I got a shipment of Primal Pacs last week and they have updated their packaging so that it’s less gooey. Honestly, I kind of miss the previous version - I liked how the jerky was moist…but I will say it’s a lot tidier to eat now, which is also nice.

Making a little almond butter!

Not much of a meals post. More like just a meal post, singular. I was running errands all day and really just had an almond snack to tide me over. 

On Friday night, i headed over to BFF’s house where she cooked burgers and sweet potato fries.

March 28 Snack: Guacamole

I was so full from breakfast on Thursday that I skipped lunch, but I did have a small guacamole snack. I got some criticism on my barebones guac recently, so I experimented with what I had on hand, which included tomato, cilantro, garlic salt, and red pepper flakes (in addition to my normal prep of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper). I thought it was pretty good!

March 24 Snack: Pistachios

March 9 Snack: Homemade Avocado Salsa

BFF had the audacity to tell me the other night that she thinks my guacamole is just so so. After M also telling me the same thing, I was a bit put out. She did say that she loved the salsa I used to make that was just chopped up tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado, onion, lime juice, and some spices.

So I made it! Paleo! (…except for the chips…)

February 21 Snack: Girl Scout Paleo Cookies

I picked up these awesome cookies from one of my coworkers. Coconut & chocolate cookies? Paleo, obvi.