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March 23 Dinner: Tomato Cream Chicken Sausage “Pasta” with Arugula Salad

So M and I were dragging yesterday, both having come down with colds. We forced ourselves our for a couple rounds of bowling, but came home and napped. I woke up refreshed, but he wanted to sleep more, so I ran out to the store to pick up a few things for dinner.

I decided to cook PaleOMG’s Tomato Cream Chicken Sausage “Pasta” with an arugula salad. I added mushrooms to the pasta to give it a bit more texture. The salad was going to have avocado on it, but none were ripe, but I think it was pretty good just as leaves.

Next time I do this recipe, I’ll continue to use the mushrooms, but it still needs a little something extra. I am thinking sun-dried tomatoes would be really good and maybe artichokes as well. 

Having said that, I think it turned out really tasty, and it’s Paleo! Almost Whole30 approved (the Al Fresco chicken sausage I used has sugar, but very little)! 

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