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July 4 Dessert: 4th of July Fruit Lemon Tart

PaleOMG came out with a yummy looking dessert in honor of Independence Day, so I decided to check it out! It was pretty tasty, though I blended the crust for too long, so it turned into more of a paste than a crust. I ended up putting the crust into the freezer to harden it up, but once I pulled it out, it turned to goo again, especially once served outside in the hot Charlotte evening air. 

M had an interesting thought: maybe the recipe had a typo in it and I was supposed to use a cup of almond FLOUR instead of a cup of almond BUTTER?  I’m willing to bet she meant butter and I just blended too long, plus flour is meant for baking and this recipe didn’t call for it.

Anyway, the flavor was good! Even if it was better eaten with a spoon than a fork!  

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