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July 1 Lunch: Apps & Drinks to Celebrate Sunday Funday in Key West, FL

In M’s family, Sunday Funday is an event that is taken quite seriously. So when the siblings get together, they celebrate in high fashion. To start it off - and to appease me - we swung by the Hemingway House to do a small amount of siteseeing.

I gotta say, the Hemingway House was a bit of a letdown. It was right on up there with people wanting to give obligatory tours of their own house. I suppose if we had actually done a tour with a guide it might have been more interesting. But we didn’t. And it wasn’t. The cats were marginally interesting…they lounged around in various rooms, completely unaffected by the tourists, sleeping in the hot July sun. They do indeed have an extra “toe”, which just looks weird. But I suppose if you’re a cat lover, this is interesting.

We moved on to a Old Town Mexican Cafe that - no kidding - had the hottest salsa I have ever tasted. It was ridiculous. Nay - miserable. Pair that with store-bought guacamole, nachos covered in onions, and patio fans blowing forcefully enough to blow chips off the table, we hightailed it out of there as quickly as possible.

Sunday Funday was not to a good start. We had several more drink failures along the way, including incidents at Margaritaville and Wet Willies before we finally found a much more fun bar called The Lazy Gecko where we proceeded to eat fried cheese sticks and soft pretzels. Yes we did.

Then we went back over to our favorite haunt (pun intended): The Porch. And drank a bottle of prosecco. Ahem.

Why yes, I did file this in the whoops category. Whatever: VACATION.