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With my P90X debacle, I have been doing absolutely no working out. I was going to wait until I got my most recent blood work back before starting up again, but I haven’t heard from the doctor. And I’m thinking that no news is good news, so I met with my personal trainer L today for personal training.

I have been seeing L for a year now and she is great! I am lucky enough to have a pretty nice gym within my townhouse community, so she comes to me and we work out there. Can’t get much more convenient than that!

I could definitely feel the fact that I have been slacking off. Up until my half marathon, back in November, I had been doing pretty well in terms of consistent exercise. But then I got a sprained ankle and knee issues (chondromalacia patella and ITBS), so I stopped. I started P90X, but had to stop that after that whole rhabdo incident.

My workout today started out with a recumbent bike warmup. Then three sets of the following:

  • Ball pushups / Ball extensions / Ball hamstring curls

  • Kettleball thrusters / Planks / (I can’t remember…something else here?)

  • Cable pulldowns, on knees / Deadlifts / Side planks

Then lovely, lovely stretching!!

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