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September 18, 2014 // Meals + OTF //

Lunch yesterday was the rest of my Metrofresh Coconut Curry Chicken & Mushroom soup. So yummy - I typically don’t think to look for quarts of soup when I go there. Definitely a good decision. 

After work, I scurried over to OTF for a 5:30p class - we did some quad work earlier in the week so the lunges in this workout were excruciating. I have a massage scheduled for this Sunday because my muscles are kind of wrecked right now. My hips ache, my quads are jacked, and I’ve had continual issues with my soleus muscles (this wasn’t unexpected…I had issues with them when I was training for a half).

Jumping into workouts after being sedentary for a while isn’t always the best game plan. I couldn’t muster the thought of going to my sports massage therapist (you don’t see her for pleasure!) so I scheduled a 90 minute deep tissue session at a spa. Hopefully I can find some sort of balance between pleasure and muscle repair.

Dinner last night wasn’t photographed. I went to trivia with some friends over in Decatur. I had two tacos, chips & salsa, and margaritas. Definitely not on the weight loss plan!

September 17 // Meals + OTF //

I didn’t finish last night’s Tuscan salad, so it was dinner again. It photographs nicely, no? Better than my lunch sushi. But the sushi was tasty, nonetheless.

Another day at OTF. I have to say, this gym has to be the most disorganized place I’ve ever seen. It’s not that the people who work there are dumb, they’re just woefully undertrained. And seriously, how hard is it to get a tape measure? Seriously, they contact me damn near daily to come in for measurements for the weight loss challenge, and every day I come in, they tell me it can’t be done that day. Reason? They don’t have a tape measure. Seriously, guys? I can bring mine in. When I do, they tell me they don’t need it for the challenge. DUDE.

Tonight’s workout had me sweating like a pig. Lots of squats, kettlebell dumbbell swings, and some ab work. Despite the fact that OTF has some clear management issues, I  have to say I love coming out of the workout feeling like I’ve gotten a killer workout. Endorphins? Yes, please!

September 16, 2014 // Meals + OTF //

Today is the last day that I watch Marley. I’m okay with this. I’ve been reminded about how much effort having a dog is and while he’s a really sweet pup, I’d rather be focusing my energy elsewhere. Having a dog requires more than one person.

Both lunch and dinner were from Dressed in Midtown. I had a Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch and the Tuscan Salad for dinner. I did my best to avoid the croutons in the caesar, though a few snuck by :)

OTF tonight was more about the cardio than the strength training. We did a lot of rowing and a lot of treading, with a few dumbbell, TRX, and ab moves mixed in. And burpees. Fucking burpees.

Check out that orange zone! Brady - my trainer tonight (and incidentally my weight loss challenge leader - said that being in the orange that much is fine, but over time, it’ll drop when I get into better shape. We shall see - my heart rate always ran high before…but maybe I wasn’t training as hard as I could be. Time will tell.

September 15, 2014 // Meals + Rest Day //

Lunch on my first day of the OTF challenge was soup from Metrofresh - Coconut Curry Chicken with Mushrooms - and an arugula + spinach salad tossed with local heirloom tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.

I didn’t have time to make dinner so I made myself a little plate of snacks instead: the last of my salad mixings, smoked salmon, yellow bell pepper slices + hummus, and raspberries. I love how colorful it is!

No workout for me today because I had Junior League meeting to get to. No big deal - dog-walking has been giving me enough exercise by itself! 

September 14, 2014 // Meals + Deep Stretch Yoga //

Since I last checked in, I’ve officially joined Orangetheory Fitness! And because I signed up for my particular gym location before it opened, I was able to join their weight loss challenge for free. Weight loss really isn’t a goal that I have - I’m more about the whole look-better-naked goal! - but they’ll be tracking BMI as well, so we shall see how it goes. 

I’ll be posting what I eat and my exercise for the duration of the challenge (which technically starts on Monday/Sep 15). I don’t necessarily plan to eat pure Paleo, but I do plan to stay cognizant of my food choices. That means leaning towards gluten-free, keeping cocktail hours in check, etc. Plus, I’m on the hook for at least 3 workout sessions per week at OTF.

Lunch from Metrofresh was Maple Ginger Butternut Squash and the salad was a soba noodle-based salad - both were gluten-free. Dinner was leftover roasted chicken breast and a salad comprised of spinach, arugula, locally-grown heirloom tomatoes, and avocado, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Exercise was an easy Deep Stretch class with Sarah (above) at Tough Love Yoga, plus some dog walking while I dog-sit a friend’s really sweet schnauzer named Marley.

Coffee Pecan Ice Cream

August 3 dessert, c/o my kitchen.

Recipe from The Paleo Kitchen. This was prepped the night prior when I realized - hooray! - I had all the ingredients needed to make a dessert! Then I realized - boooo! - that I needed to chill it way longer than I had time for before going to bed.

So I had to wait…but it was worth it! The vanilla extract it called for was homemade, thanks to a gift from my friend Erin. Yum! I love that I finally got to use it! I used decaf coffee to avoid any late night buzzes. Also, I added in salt when I was mixing in the pecans. I think if I make it again, I may just buy salted pecans to eliminate the step. The salt definitely gave it something extra: salty + sweet = perfection.

Asian Cabbage Slaw Pork Burgers + Sweet Potato

August 3 dinner, c/o my kitchen.

Another recipe from The Paleo Kitchen. The recipe calls for the burgers to be cooked on the grill so I did mine in a cast iron skillet. While the slaw was quite good, I was underwhelmed by the ho-hum-ness of the burger. Perhaps I cooked it too long? I needed more of a sear on it than it got and it was just dense and pedestrian. Will definitely make the slaw again, though! The bacon was leftover from brunch earlier in the day - it was a saving grace for the burger! 

August 3 Exercise

5 miler between home and Piedmont Park.

So the good news is that it’s beautiful in Atlanta today and perfect jogging weather. The bad news is I lost my driver’s license somewhere between my house and the far end of Piedmont Park. FML. I backtracked but never found it. At least I got my steps in for the day, I guess.

Crossing my fingers for no identity theft.

Brunch a la leftovers

August 3 Brunch, c/o my kitchen.

Having catered lunch offsite last week caused me to have a lot of leftovers so I decided to incorporate it into this morning’s brunch scramble. It turned out great! BTW, I found that bacon at Whole Foods, marketed specifically to Paleo/Whole30 folks - no added sugar, FTW!

The Ole Fridge Cleanout

August 3 dinner, c/o my refrigerator.

Ahhhhhh, Netflix night. <3<3<3