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October 15, 2014 // Meals + Metal Yoga //  

Wednesday was kind of a big deal for me.

I hit a major life milestone today. It’s really big. Huge, in fact. I won’t go into the specifics of what it is here, but it’s one of those things that you never think will happen and then it did. I’ve never felt so much like an independent person. It’s a major cause for celebration.

So how did I celebrate? Sushi.


No Orangetheory for me today. Instead, I met up with a friend at Tough Love for a really intense session of Metal Yoga. First, it was hot as hell in the studio. I don’t do hot yoga - I get dizzy when I get too hot so practicing yoga in the heat just sounds like recipe for disaster. But the A/C never came on, so I just dripped all over the place. My friend was even worse. I felt a bit bad because I think he was a bit taken aback by the intensity/heat of the session, but we made it. 

Neda wanted us to focus on things that we don’t want to focus on. Literally. She used taxes as an example. Most people just muscle themselves through taxes. I had to do that myself this year with no assistance. It was scary, but I did it. As tempting as it was to lean on others to help me, I knew that leaning was no longer a viable option and I needed to accept the fact that I was fine to do it myself and that relying on others was just a crutch. So I did it.

Neda didn’t, however. She filed for an extension. And now, she has to deal with it now. So her point was: it’s easy to ignore the hard stuff. Taxes? Defer it! Yoga pose I hate doing? Don’t do it! Relationship that sucks? Pretend it doesn’t! 

So Wednesday’s practice? DON’T IGNORE. If the pose is hard, work it. Her theory is that there’s gratification in getting it done. And - there was! I have had so much trouble with inversions. I can’t do them! But last night? I fucking nailed headstands. And it wasn’t just a fluke - over and over, I nailed it! I had a wall to help me, but that’s okay. I’ve had walls to assist me in the past and I couldn’t do them. I ROCKED them last night. And setting my intention of just working through it, despite my many failures before, finally paid off.

Wednesday was a good, good day.

I swung by Whole Foods after practice for a meat & veggies meal. DESPITE the fact that my mom is giving me crap for eating out all the time. Whatever. Do what I want.

It was a good day.

October 14, 2014 // Meals + OTF // 

Salad for lunch was from Nordstrom Cafe and was very good! They always overcook my shrimp when I get the cilantro lime shrimp salad so I was pleasantly surprised to find a moist piece of fish in my to go order.

Dinner was part leftovers and partly something fresh that I cooked up - Roasted Red White Onions and Delicata Squash. This turned out very nice! The honey and butter added a nice flavor to bring out the subtle sweetness of the squash. Will definitely make this again - .

OTF - didn’t get into the afterburn zone, but that’s okay. It was a strength day so I really did my best to amp up the weight in the strength portion. While my muscles were burning, I saw my heart rate dipping into the blue zone. But I know how hard my muscles were working, so I give myself a bye. Also - I did my fastest speed yet - 8.5mph! That’s wicked fast for this slow girl. I didn’t run that pace for very long - but I did run it!

October 13, 2014 // Meals + OTF //  

Can I say how much I’m really enjoying OTF? I never thought I’d say that I enjoy working out as much as I do. Now admittedly, I go through honeymoon periods with new fitness trends. I loved running until I got ITBS, I loved CrossFit until I got injured, I loved yoga until it was really nice outside, then I loved outdoor walking. And now this.

That’s okay though. Whatever. While Orangetheory is certainly a fitness fad, it’s definitely keeping me entertained. It’s a perfect balance of quantitative data (and I’m a bit of a data whore) and HIIT training, which I wouldn’t really say is a fitness fad at all. All packaged up in tacky orange lighting!  :P

Lunch today was from Paris Bistro: pork chop, corn, and collards. Dinner was a chicken bowl from Chipotle. 

October 12, 2014 // Meals + OTF //  

A friend and I were supposed to check out an acroyoga class on Sunday, but he got strep at the last minutes, so I decided to go to OTF instead. I don’t typically go on the weekends, but I needed to get a run in after the last several meals!

OTF was HARD, y’all. It was just me and one other guy so it was kind of like a private personal training session. Even the trainer said after the workout that the person who put together the circuit must have been in an evil mood when he put it together because it was intense. Check out that table - perfect pyramid! Woot woot.

I had leftover Indian for lunch and dinner. Between meals, I went to see Gone Girl at the movies. My placement this year for the Junior League is Social Committee and my focus is doing a monthly movie outing - how I managed to make that my way of accruing 50 hours, I’ll never figure out. SUCKERS!

The movie was good! And I thought it was pretty close to the novel, though it’s been a long time since I’ve read it. Ben Affleck was kind of perfect for the role. And Rosamunde Pike - perfectly terrifying. Go see it!

October 11, 2014 // Meals + Kennesaw Mountain Hike //  

So typically, I do my Kennesaw Mountain hikes with my hiking group. On Saturday morning, I went with friends! Ginny, Warren, and Dave wanted to hike it so I dragged Heather with me. We did a slightly different version of the hike than I am used to. It was a little longer and a littler more elevation, I think.

Afterward, Heather and I got salads at Pappasito’s, watched the UGA game, then we headed to a baby shower for Susie. She’s such a cute prego lady!!

On Saturday night, I was pooped so I headed home, donned yoga pants, ordered Indian, and vegged out in front of the TV. Bliss!

October 10, 2014 // Meals + OTF //  

On Friday, several coworkers and I headed to Gu’s Bistro, the only Chinese restaurant I’ve ever found that I like. It’s real Chinese food, rather than sketchy-ass American Chinese food.

It was a good fest! While everying was great, the shrimp dish was freaking amazing. I wanted to rake the entire dish onto my plate! 

After work, I got my workout on at OTF. Not my best workout. I only got in the orange pink zone for eight minutes. Not enough to get my afterburn effect. Lame.

Afterward, I went to BFF’s house for dinner. We ate at Stoney River Steaks. I forgot my camera - so no photos of my lovely filet and spinach!!

October 13, 2014 // Meals + Moon’s Birthday!! // 

And also, a rest day. Moon’s birthday was on Thursday, so I decorated her cube obnoxiously with balloons and the team celebrated with doughnuts!

Lunch was a chicken caesar salad. After work, we all headed over to St. Cecelia for cocktails. I ended up getting a pasta dish. Behold - 7 little tiny pasta bites. Their lunch is a good deal, but dinner? What overpriced nonsense. Each of those little nuggets was $2/each. LAME.

So I went home and ordered sushi!

October 8, 2014 // Meals + OTF //

I had grand plans to go get a reasonable lunch on Wednesday…and then my coworker strolled to his cube with pizza. And that was that. Everything pizza for lunch.

OTF damage control! I am lucky to have the above report - several people’s heart rate monitors malfunctioned tonight, but I was one of the lucky ones with accurate data - at least, I presume it’s accurate. I had some difficulty getting my heart rate up at first, but it all balanced out at the end.

I asked the trainer - Candace - how they set the max heart rate. Mine is 206, which means if they follow the 220-minus-your-age formula, then they believe I’m 14!! That formula is a bit dated, but everything I’ve found online suggests that my max heart rate is in the 180s range. So far, with OTF, my highest heart rate is 196 and my heart hasn’t burst yet…so maybe OTF knows better about estimating these things than the American Heart Association??  ;)

Publix sub for dinner. Yummo!

October 7, 2014 // Meals + JLA District Meeting //  

Yesterday’s lunch was sushi! Moon and I keep Twist in business, I’m sure of it. After work, I had to go to a Junior League district meeting. My group planned to meet at Mi Cocina, which is 1.5 miles from my house. So I walked! Perfect day for it - so pretty out. I love the fall in Atlanta. And I got my 10K steps, for the win!

October 6 2014 // Meals + OTF //  

So Atlanta has a Shake Shack now!  I’ve been really excited to try it but was a little afraid of crazy wait times. We finally went Monday and it was super quick and super delicious!! We sat on the rooftop bar and the weather was perfect. 

I did discover, however, that I’m quite possibly lactose intolerant. Or at least, somewhat intolerant. I think I’m okay with a little bit of dairy. But the chocolate milkshake I ordered did NOT sit well. Oy. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt terrible after a huge dosage of dairy. 

From now on - SOME dairy = okay. Milkshake? No, sir. Unless it’s a boozy Monkey Wrench milkshake from Grindhouse. In that case, I’ll just suffer the consequences.

OTF after work kicked ass! I think my first workout of the week is always kick ass. Brady coached today, whom I really like. The circuit we did focused a lot on core strength, which I need. And my workout summary is damn near perfect again, in terms of what they say to strive for, percentage-wise. WOOT!

I was totally going to get sushi for dinner but remembered I had some pork chops to use up in my fridge. Check out that nice pan sear I got on those! I used a cast-iron skillet…and a healthy dose of grass-fed butter - did I NOT learn my lesson at lunch today??

It was so good!  This was a good Monday.