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Whole 30 Meal Roundups
My three photographed rounds of Whole 30:

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February 21 :: Lunch at St. Cecelia  //  

A new Ford Fry restaurant has opened up across the street from work called St. Cecelia. Heather and I decided to check it out for lunch - it is in her building, after all! - and it was delicious! The space itself is also very beautiful!

Cauliflower Soup, with pan-fried croutons and salsa verde, followed by an enormous Crispy Shrimp & Calamari Tartine. 

February 19 Lunch: Chirashi from Taka

February 18 Dinner: Leftover Pork with Bacon Jam, Roasted Brussels, and Arugula Salad

A little bit of photo catchup. This was such a tasty meal and I was really excited to put the bacon jam on something warm. I’d eaten most of it cold and it soooo good warmed up. Loved this meal!

This weekend has been a relaxing one. This winter, I have been defaulting to a lot of television. So much so that I feel like I am slowly starting to ooze into my couch cushions. Ever get that feeling? That you’re slowly getting sucked in? On Friday night, after enjoying my Valentine’s Day dinner, there I was - watching The English Teacher and feeling the couch slowly consume me.

So on Saturday, I woke up with a mission to keep the silly television off. Do things around the house. Which really just equated to…

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February 14 Dinner: Pork Chop with Roasted Sprouts & Drunken Crimini

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! When I left work yesterday, traffic was atrocious, so I pulled into Buckhead Station for a little shopping while I waited it out. Not a bad way to celebrate V Day!

Then I came home and made myself a yummy dinner. I followed this recipe for the chops, my recipe for the sprouts, and just sort of winged it for the mushrooms, using olive oil, ghee, and about a cup of Malbec, simmering them for about 25 minutes. Yum!

February 14 Lunch: Crispy Cheese Sandwich

The Crispy Cheese Sandwich, from Seven Lamps. Gruyere, fromage blanc, jack cheeses, avocado, quail egg, brioche. Served with french fries.

Every so often, you see something on a menu where you say to hell with Paleo. This is one of those moments.

February 13 Lunch: Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Cucumber Bites

Just because I’m snowed in doesn’t mean I can’t be all fancy and shit.

February 12 Dinner: Curried Egg Salad Over Baby Arugula

Well, the snow and ice storm are well underway in Atlanta. It’s been icing all day today so I imagine I’m in official lock-in mode for the next several days! I’m nestled up nicely under a big blanket and enjoying dinner, which is a basic egg salad salad. I mixed paleo mayo, finely chopped parsley, mustard, and curry powder into the eggs, then topped it off with a little paprika. Easy!

February 10 Dinner: Karniyarik (Turkish Stuffed Eggplant)  //  

This is a recipe by The Domestic Man that I have been wanting to make for a while now - check out Russ’ lovely photo!

The Domestic Man's Karniyarik (Turkish Stuffed Eggplant)


The eggplants I had for this were huge! I was just barely able to get them into my skillet - maybe that’s permission to get myself a new gift?…

Oh - and I used pork sausage. This was a bit of a duh moment for me when I was at the farmers market. I had 2 pounds of grass-fed beef on my list (for hamburgers and for this) and thought to myself - that’s way too much beef - get pork sausage instead! But it turns out, I really did two pounds. It was delicious with the pork though. And I have leftovers for days!

Get The Domestic Man’s recipe

February 10 Lunch: Paleo Tuna Salad over Arugula (recipe)  //  


  • 1 can light albacore tuna, packed in water
  • 3 healthy spoonfuls of paleo mayo
  • 2 green onions, thinly sliced (optional: some cut diagonally, for garnish)
  • Half a carrot, diced
  • Healthy handful of arugula
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Squeeze out the water in the tuna and dump into a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix in the green onion, carrot, and mayo. Salt and pepper it to your personal liking. I use a lot of pepper!
  3. Serve it on top of the arugula. No dressing really needed!

Serves 1.